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undergrndlyrics's Journal

Obscurity;underground lyrics
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Fed up with lyric communities which consist of lyrics which are trite,shallow and just plain stupid?
When you are within ears legnth of mainstream music does it often cause you to feel annoyed
and alienated because the majority doesn't share your appreciation for good,quality music?

Do you consider about 96 percent of the popular music today to be created not for the sake of ART but as a product that the masses consume like flies will consume a pile of shit,thinking that it's the finest?
Are authenticity,emotion and sincerity important to you when it comes to lyrical content?
Than you are in the right place!
The purpose of this community is to prove that there are plenty of artists out there that have what you are looking for,lyrically.These artists usually exist in the underground because,quite frankly,most people are too stupid to appreciate them.
Promote the artists that you love,which probably deserve more recognition than they are getting.
Go ahead and share with us.Even if an artist you love is mainstream post it anyway
if you feel they have something to say,as long as it has depth and means something to you.Also feel free to share with us why a particular song means so much to you.

Thank-you for visiting!